What is the Movement?

IAGT was established in order to raise awareness and to provide relief of period poverty. We do this by providing menstrual products to women's shelters, food banks, community centers, and other organizations around the GTA. 


Our mission is to empower menstruating people through menstrual health education and menstrual product distribution for low-income menstruators.


IAGT strives towards global gender equality by fighting towards a safe and healthy period for all menstruating people. We want to remove the physical and social barriers of menstruation. 

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Menstruating people have an average of 456 periods in their life. If we assumed the average person’s period lasts between 5-7 days, that translates to approximately 13,680 tampons used over the course of their menstruating years. The average price for a box of 36 tampons is about $7 in North America. This means that on average people are spending upward $2,660 on products to deal with their periods. The price of tampons are just one of many hidden costs of bleeding.

So why should you care?

Well, the inequitable cost of menstruation products has forced people globally to turn to unhygienic and even toxic solutions, just to deal with their periods. This has left many people having to choose between a having a safe period OR paying for the food on their table. As you can imagine, many have to make the choice to just be without.

Menstrual products are a human right. We believe everyone deserves a healthy period, therefore it is critical to address menstrual inequities not just here in Ontario, but globally.