Our Team



 Courtney is the Founder and Treasurer of the IAGT Movement. As a recent M.A. in Economics graduate, Courtney has been able to combine her interest in humanities and economics to learn more about how this world works. Courtney initiated IAGT in 2018, after learning about period poverty and how this issue continues to affect so many people around the world, including here in Canada. Courtney believes that all people should be able to pursue their passions without anything holding them back, especially their period!



 Chloe is the Social Media Manager on the IAGT team. She is a certified elementary school teacher in Ontario, currently completing her Masters of Education at Brock University. She is passionate about learning, education and helping those around her! She became involved with IAGT just over three years ago. She joined the team because she loved what this movement stands for, and believes that every person should have access to their fundamental needs, and menstrual products are part of that need. Chloe said that being part of the IAGT team provides her with the opportunity to be part of the change that she hopes to see in this world.






Kasia is the Community Outreach Coordinator on the IAGT team. She is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto. Her passions include learning languages, travelling and teaching! She became involved with IAGT because she believes that all people deserve the right to access clean and affordable menstrual hygiene products. When women are empowered, healthy, and safe we are able to create and uplift our communities.




Leah helps with event planning, research, and social media for the IAGT Team. Leah is currently completing an M.A. in Counselling Psychology at Yorkville University. She is passionate about helping the vulnerable people in our society and creating a lasting impact on their lives. Leah joined IAGT because period poverty is such an important issue that people do not know enough about. Leah believes that every person deserves to menstruate in a healthy, clean, and empowering way, and it is up to us to make sure that this can happen despite income and personal circumstances.


Alyson helps with event planning, research, and social media for the IAGT Team. She has most recently finished her Bachelor’s of Education and is planning to begin her Master’s of Education in the fall. Alyson’s gift of creativity is seen through her amazing designs on IAGT’s mini zipper bags and tote bags. She has also helped plan some of our most exciting recent virtual events. Alyson joined the IAGT teams as she believes it’s an incredible movement that provides resources for those in need.



Jenn is a research volunteer on the IAGT Team. She is currently in her 3rd year studying medicine at University College Cork in Ireland. Previously, she completed her Bachelor’s degree at Queen’s University majoring in Life Sciences and minoring in Health Studies. Outside of school, her passions include cooking, dancing, and spending time with her niece and nephew!

Jenn joined the IAGT team because she believes that there is a need for greater access to menstrual products and menstrual health education in the community. With the IAGT team she hopes to bridge this gap in order to improve the overall health of people who menstruate.